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Highest Quality from Switzerland

Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing quality products that will make it easier for our customers to live a healthier lifestyle.

We strive for quality and documented results

We are a family-owned company from Zug in Switzerland with a proud legacy for producing superior health-, food- and nutritional products in Switzerland and Norway for consumers in Europe.

Our internal team of product experts with long industry experience develop new and innovative products of high quality and with proven and documented results to ensure the best results for our customers.

Our customers are our top priority

We are always accessible and ready to listen to your feedback and would love to hear from you, no matter if you bring positive or negative feedback. 

To help get the conversation going, we have created several channels to make it easy for you to communicate with us. You can join in our community on Facebook, ask our experts questions, or simple send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We reward customer loyalty

We reward your customer loyalty in many ways. Below are a few examples:

  1. We offer auto-shipment for most of our products, resulting in significant savings for our customers. 
  2. We offer free gifts and promotions to our loyal customers.
  3. We include free gifts and promotions in the shipments.
  4. We offer promotions and savings to our loyal customers by e-mail and social media, before anyone else.

Formula Swiss AG arbejder med at integrere sociale og miljømæssige hensyn i alle vores forretningsaktiviteter og i vores interaktion med interessenter.

Vi viser samfundsansvar og skaber værdi for både virksomhed og samfund ved i dialog med deres interessenter at håndtere sociale, miljømæssige og etiske udfordringer i overensstemmelse med internationalt anerkendte principper for samfundsansvar.

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